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vSphere 5 – the licensing bug . . .

July 15th, 2011 No comments

So I have been rather quiet this week – which is strange, given that vSphere 5 has been announced(of course the worst kept secret ever)
Much like everyone else though, I have been very surprised by the licensing statements and not in the least bit surprised by the backlash.

Absolutely, I 100% agree that VMware may well have opened the door here for other Hypervisors – though not in all cases.
There are some major restrictions in this licensing design.
Firstly, 8GB of ram on the free version? Hmm, not great really – that’s not enough capacity to test drive anything in any lab environment? We all know that pretty much any server you purchase anywhere (even for small businesses) has at least 8GB of Ram in it. So if I am considering consolidating, my 4/5 server environment, I can not even have a free license for a length of time that can create a replica of my environment (ye sI am sure there will still be free trials etc, but these are limited time and so on)

Next, we are deep into a project, for desktop visualization – we have been looking at some pretty clever tools (FusionIO / Atlantis ILIO and so on) – but this new licensing change makes ESXi as the hypervisor VERY unappealing. Our desktops typically run low on CPU, but due to the number of VMs we create, consume a fair amount of memory. The Dell 910s we have bought have been very appealing as hardware for this, as we can cram a bunch of Ram in them and the CPUs are sufficient, but as the new license only allocates 48GB for each of our CPU licenses, it appears that this no longer works.

To save myself panicking too much, I decided to look into the current licensing in my environment, and that when we move(if we move to vSphere 5) and was horrified to learn that we currently have room for about 100% capacity expansion – without putting any clusters at risk(nice position to be in) – but once the license format changes, we can only use up 50% of that capacity? Yes, I know this means that I have less chance of over committing clusters and that I will finally be able to justify N+2 (or even N + 3) clusters as our licensing won;t allow us to go any further, but I must admit I am really disappointed with the way in which this has come forward.

I can appreciate that VMware have spent a lot of time / money developing the product and that when this all started, a 12 to 1 consolidation ration was considered acceptable. I realise we now consolidate at 40 / 50 to 1 and don;t have any issues and that this is largely to do with progress in CPU. So I know that form VMware’s point of view, licensing per socket becomes less and less appealing as CPUs get more cores, mores threads and so, but much like every other blog post I have read, I really think they are doing this too early and opening the door to the competition.

It takes huge balls to do this – they are taking a huge risk (I am sure they know) VMware have the best product (FACT) – but they are exposing themselves to losing the business from small companies that will have reduced consolidation ratios, SMEs – that simply can’t afford to upgrade and re-license environments that are probably running at memory limits and also large companies that have time to review and revise licensing (especially in line with products like Hyper-V being licensed under enterprise agreements etc)

I guess that going forward, those HP Blades that can have a single blade with 1TB of RAM won’t be very appealing as ESX hosts and scaling out – more, lower spec ESX hosts will be the way forward – so expect bigger clusters and lower consolidation ratios (not all bad really as it means ESX maintenance has impact on fewer hosts) – but of course again this means increased costs. More network Points, More Power points, more rack space and so on and so forth.

In short – I don’t like it :-(

It is going to be interesting to see which way this goes – I’ll grab some popcorn so long.

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vSphere 5 to be launched 12th July?

June 24th, 2011 No comments

This morning I received an email from VMware to a live webinar:

Raising the Bar, Part V
July 12, 2011
9 a.m. Pacific time

Paul Maritz
VMware CEO

Stephen Herrod
VMware CTO and SVP of R&D

Hmm . . the next step forward – I can only imagine that it is one thing . . surely, the official launch for vSphere 5? (I am guessing here . . but this seems to be the common perception amongst pretty much all VM blogs / communities)

I believe all users registered for VMware updates got this – if it interesrts you . . you may want to try book onto the webinar?

If this is the case then hopefully VCP exams on it should be available September: prepare your labs now!

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News from Google – a restructure?

January 21st, 2011 No comments

News from over at Google:

the below text was posted by Eric Schmidt

"An update from the Chairman
1/20/2011 01:01:00 PM
When I joined Google in 2001 I never imagined—even in my wildest dreams—that we would get as far, as fast as we have today. Search has quite literally changed people’s lives—increasing the collective sum of the world’s knowledge and revolutionizing advertising in the process. And our emerging businesses—display, Android, YouTube and Chrome—are on fire. Of course, like any successful organization we’ve had our fair share of good luck, but the entire team—now over 24,000 Googlers globally—deserves most of the credit.

And as our results today show, the outlook is bright. But as Google has grown, managing the business has become more complicated. So Larry, Sergey and I have been talking for a long time about how best to simplify our management structure and speed up decision making—and over the holidays we decided now was the right moment to make some changes to the way we are structured.

For the last 10 years, we have all been equally involved in making decisions. This triumvirate approach has real benefits in terms of shared wisdom, and we will continue to discuss the big decisions among the three of us. But we have also agreed to clarify our individual roles so there’s clear responsibility and accountability at the top of the company.

Larry will now lead product development and technology strategy, his greatest strengths, and starting from April 4 he will take charge of our day-to-day operations as Google’s Chief Executive Officer. In this new role I know he will merge Google’s technology and business vision brilliantly. I am enormously proud of my last decade as CEO, and I am certain that the next 10 years under Larry will be even better! Larry, in my clear opinion, is ready to lead.

Sergey has decided to devote his time and energy to strategic projects, in particular working on new products. His title will be Co-Founder. He’s an innovator and entrepreneur to the core, and this role suits him perfectly.

As Executive Chairman, I will focus wherever I can add the greatest value: externally, on the deals, partnerships, customers and broader business relationships, government outreach and technology thought leadership that are increasingly important given Google’s global reach; and internally as an advisor to Larry and Sergey.

We are confident that this focus will serve Google and our users well in the future. Larry, Sergey and I have worked exceptionally closely together for over a decade—and we anticipate working together for a long time to come. As friends, co-workers and computer scientists we have a lot in common, most important of all a profound belief in the potential for technology to make the world a better place. We love Google—our people, our products and most of all the opportunity we have to improve the lives of millions of people around the world"

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