geek [giːk]n Slang
1. a boring and unattractive  social misfit
2. a person who is  preoccupied with or very knowledgeable about computing 
3. a degenerate
seat  (st)n.
1.  Something, such as a chair or bench, that may  be sat on. 
a.  A place in which one may sit.

Alan van Wyk (aka bulletprooffool) is just another guy living in London, doing a series of  mundane IT jobs . . and doing his best to make it more interesting. –   he conforms to at least one of the options in each of the above dictionary definitions and therefore is entitled to sit in the GeekSeat

His theory in life (and IT) is that anything that needs doing more than once should be automated and the outcome of this is that once he has done something twice, you can be pretty sure he has found a way to do it quickly and accurately, by automation.

He has spent the majority of the last 19 years finding  ways to automate normal IT tasks, from administration, to logging, building environments, repairing, alerting, health checking to decommisioning. Favoured technologies are Powershell, C#, VMWare, but he is happy to use whatever is required,   to get the job done.

Please drop us a note if you feel that you should be allowed to join us in the Geek Seat . .

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