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Round table for UK customers with Steve Herrod

Attended a roundtable with heavy hitters from the UK client base and Steve Herrod.

Companies present are:
William hill
BNP Paribas
AXA tech
Duetsche Bank
John Lewis
Marks and Spencer
Thomson Rueters

Challenges facing clients.

Red global / UK bank – resilient virtual centres
Integration of products
Licensing modelling
Automation of networking
Active active dcs and IP address conflicts
VMware’s speed of movement after acquisitions
Consolidated views of data centres in geographically dispersed datacenters
Private cloud and cloud solutions providers
Licensing challenges due to offerings from other players in the market
Datacenter sprawl
Understanding VMWare’s strep ateliers going forward
Caching read/write for performance
Bringing together products from different vendors
Moving our VMware offerings from QA dev into out production environment
Compute critical apps
Using technology across security domains
Integration of virtual network solutions from external vendors
ITSM integration – not with the tools, but with the process

Steve says:
Many lab type projects in place at VMWare – Only about 8% of projects actually make it through the filters at VMWare – many projects fail.

Server virtualisation – Steve would give VMware an A
Storage virtualisation – B
Networking – C – despite possibly being the world’s third largest switch port provider bed on number allocated (all virtual of course in this case)

Looks to see VMWare focusing on these. Have been looking very aggressively in the networking space.
Network virtualisation is the next big step forward.
Microsoft is a big challenge, but VMWare accepts there will always be multiple players in the virtualisation market, but the value add should make the difference.
Yes strict server consolidation plays into Microsoft’s hands, but check you factor in automation, downtime costs etc. VMWare is a clear winner.

Outside VMWare, companies are working on the integration of physical and physical networks – see VXLan for VMWare.
Also look to see tighter integration with storage providers (hardware plugins/ storage management from vSphere etc)

Check out labs.vmware.com if you have great ideas for direction for VMWare.
To write web based apps – check out www.cloudfoundry.com

VM customers – things they have done:
95% virtualised for non Prod(M&S) – 75% for Prod
Clusters running on VMWare using VCS.
SDRS has solved storage issues where VMs have been thin provisioned – saved 90TB by enabling thin provisioning
BYOD (bring your own device) Horizon

Discussion comparing hyper v and ESX costs.
Hyper v setup time much longer
Hyper V bundled – but much more expensive when you add system center etc
Non windows VMs?

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