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Cloud infrastructure suite architecture with Duncan Epping

Managed to snag a seat on Duncan’s Cloud Infrastructure Suite Architecture group session at VMWorld. Of course Duncan is a one of the biggest influences in VMWare’s direction and of course a real wizard – so real excited to get a spot ( I left my session selections a little late – seeing as I only managed to get a blogger’s pass 3 weeks ago)

I’ll update this as we go along . .

12:30 – game time…


We have Michael Webster along for the ride (the only kiwi VCDX #66)

What kind of storage enables your cloud?
Legacy fibre?
Legacy IP (iscsi/NFS)?
All flash / SSD?
Hybrid? – most common

What the people are using:
Very few people using sDRS – varying reasons (mostly limitations like incompatibility with SRM etc. / compatibility with backup vendors due to VMS moving location)
Hybrid storage solutions
Some SSD
About 40% using vCloud Director
Jumbo Frames for lowering CPU requirements
Only 5% using network IO control
Almost everyone on Enterprise or enterprise plus.
VSwitches still rule – low uptake of vDS
Guys using Nexus 1000v to keep networks team happy?

vSphere 5 has removed the 8 host limitation for vmfs access.

Unfortunately, the session that is separated from us by only a curtain is sooooo loud, that the session with Duncan is almost unbearable :(

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