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Licensing part 2

So, we all saw the massive impact of the initial vSphere 5 announcement – all that anyone cared about is licensing. have a look at the VMCommunity and you’ll see thousands of posts complaining about it.

Well VMware – being the company they are, have listened to their customers and come up with a far neater, and more lenient licensing model.

The big changes:
Increased vRAM entitlements for all vSphere editions, including the doubling of the entitlements for vSphere Enterprise and Enterprise Plus.
Capped the amount of vRAM we count in any given VM, so that no VM, not even the “monster” 1TB vRAM VM, would cost more than one vSphere Enterprise Plus license.
An adjusted our model to be much more flexible around transient workloads and short-term spikes that are typical in environments such as test & dev.

Here is a comparison of the licensing entitlements:

vSphere edition Previous vRAM entitlement New vRAM entitlement
vSphere Enterprise+ 48 GB 96 GB
vSphere Enterprise 32 GB 64GB
vSphere Standard 24 GB 32 GB
vSphere Essentials+ 24 GB 32 GB
vSphere Essentials 24 GB 32 GB
Free vSphere Hypervisor 8 GB 32 GB²

To be honest – these are huge changes – I am almost astonished that the Free Hypervisor goes up to 32GB, and am hugely impressed by the allocated entitlements on other licensing versions.

For more info o nthe updates see :http://www.vmware.com/products/vsphere/overview.html

To get an idea of how your will be impacted by the licensing – VMware have created a Powercli script – available here:


Al Renouf over at Virtu-Al.net has written a very easy to use PowerCli script that’ll generate a nice pretty html report to show you how you will be affected.

Running a report, using the revised model has taken me from being 80% of the way through my entitlement (serious Oh $h!t moment – seeing as we are adding another 30% to our environment in upcoming months), to a very realistic 41% – therefore totally nullifying the impact of the license upgrade for me.

So here I stand:

Pooled vRam Capacity: 24576 GB
Number of VMs Powered On: 1623
Current vRam usage: 10065 GB
Percent vRam usage: 41%
Number of VMs if all were Powered on: 1692
vRam usage if all VMs were Powered on: 10525 GB
Percent vRam usage if all VMs were Powered on: 43%

Happy days . . .


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