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‘Upgrading’ from ESX to ESXi – a multipart series – Tools

Setting up the test environment

In order to get this whole build tested, we need a repeatable and accessible Lab environment.

If you are unfortunate enough to not have an ESX lab environment that you can play on, you could build a workstation and emulate your production environment right on your desktop using VMware workstation.

Tools that we’ll require (so need to download if you do not have them already) are as follows:


You favourite script editor

A VMware ESXi Server, or VMware workstation to run tests on, along with a copy of the ESXi Installable media

A linux guest

Cygwin for Linux commands in Windows

Copies of the various tools we’ll be testing

Assuming that not everyone has spare hardware at their disposal, I guess it would be useful to create VMs to act as ESXi hardware on which to test our installations.

If you’re using VMWare workstation as your lab  – Full guide at: http://www.vladan.fr/how-to-install-esxi-4-1-inside-of-vmware-workstation-7-1/

Quick Video:

If you are using an ESX(i) host to run your test ESXi VMs on, follow the guide at : http://www.vcritical.com/2009/05/vmware-esx-4-can-even-virtualize-itself/

For each appliance based deployment method, we’ll create a new VM – these will be detailed as we test each appliance.

I’ll revisit this thread as I discover further required tools

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