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Sizing your ESX LUNs

I regularly get asked how LUNs should be sized for VMware..

Firstly, this is one of those ‘how long is a piece of string’ type questions.

It of course depends on the number of VMDKs you’ll be running, the storage available, the type of storage, the i/o of the storage, type of VMs etc etc etc,

Things to consider for example are, do you have storage that does de-duplication and is cost of storage a major factor (and so on)
Of course . . pretty much always, a cost savings equals a performance hit.

Anyway, as a very loose rule of thumb, I (in most cases) find that I size LUNs somewhere between 400GB and 750GB and seldom (if ever) have more than 30 vmdks per LUN.

Pretty much always, I redirect the request to the following resources:

first of all, the configuration Maximums:


and of course the composite created by Andrethegiant on the VMware communities


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